Hi, I’m Ray Champagne.  I’m an IT management professional, located in the beautiful Las Vegas area.  If you’re here, you probably have seen my resume, and hopefully, since you are here, it means you’re doing some research about me and why I’m a good fit for your organization or team.

My background in the IT sector started around 1997, doing horribly ugly web sites for friends, family, and even a clunky little e-commerce site for a mom and pop shop in my hometown.  We’ve come a long way since the blink tags of the 90s!

Anyway, shortly after I realized this web thing might just take off, I got a job at a boutique web development firm, making all kinds of web sites, and moved quickly into web applications using ColdFusion.  Honing my skills over the next few years, I was hired by a Minneapolis-based media firm.  The company was made up of dozens of small niche newspapers located throughout the United States, all of them specializing in B2B reporting in their geographic area of the country.  As a result, I was able to work on many different coding projects from Content Management Systems, e-commerce systems, government data selling projects, and many other one-off sites using a variety of technologies.

As the company grew and grew, eventually going public in 2008, our executive staff realized my potential as a leader within the IT organization.  In particular, the ability to communicate with all levels of staff and a knack for leadership was a skill IT needed that I possessed.  I was quickly moved up the ladder, becoming the Director of IT for the entire organization.  My staff and I supported everything that plugged in in every corner of the US.  This included telecomm, networking, datacenters, web sites & applications, help desk, and all enterprise applications, among many other smaller systems.

What I enjoy most about my career in IT leadership positions has been the ability to create effective teams.  Boosting morale, mentoring others, enabling collaboration at every level, fostering open and clear communication to C-Suite executives are all hallmarks of an organization that has no choice but to succeed – and ours did.  I also enjoy being led myself – I have had some wonderful mentors over the years.

Lastly, while I ideally prefer to stay in the Las Vegas metro, I am open to other opportunities – Southern/Central/Northern California, Seattle and Portland areas.

My resume link is right up there ^^^.  Feel free to get a more detailed look.